Dr. Craig Spodak, of Spodak Dental Group, and Chuck Blakeman, of Crankset Group, have teamed up to bring you this unique Summit that will revolutionize everything you know about success as a practice owner. Both of these like-minded and passionate organizations bring you the business side of dentistry by focusing on two important aspects:

1. Creating connections between all professionals in the dental industry.
2. Creating a community where dental professionals can share stories, best practices, ideas and processes with dialogue that will push you and your practice forward.

They invite you to get back to the passion that brought you into the business in the first place. You most certainly didn’t go into business to work 80 hours a week and lose money while you’re on vacation. But, that’s exactly what happens to most business owners. The GOTT Summit will teach you how to engage your employees and turn them into leaders, which gives them greater fulfillment, all while you manage less and live more. The goal is for your business to give you both time and money, and that is what the GOTT Summit is all about.